In memoriam

Jan van Dijk

Born on June 4th, 1918 in Oostzaan (Netherlands)

Died on November 25th, 2016 in Zwijndrecht (Netherlands)

Jan van Dijk was a composer, conductor, pianist and theorist. He taught at the conservatories of Rotterdam, Tilburg, The Hague and Amsterdam. (Composition, harmony, counterpoint, analysis, majoring in music theory).
Jan van Dijk was a juror at the conservatories of Ghent and Brussels. He conducted Gouda Symphony Orchestra for a long time, was musical collaborator of newspapers, magazines and book publishing. Moreover, Jan van Dijk was very active in the field of (art) education and (art) policy.
Jan van Dijk studied piano at the Conservatory of Rotterdam with Jaap Callenbach and studied composition and conducting with Willem Pijper.
Jan van Dijk leaves a vast musical work heritage: a total of 1263 opus numbers of which: 18 symphonies, 12 string quartets, piano sonatas 7, 75 Sonatines piano. He wrote Symphonic poems - for wind - among others, Wallenstein and Breeroo. Many Choral works he has composed, for Choir and Orchestra. He set the tone for various Psalms, 150 a cappella formations. Solo concerts he has made, including a Concerto for player piano and orchestra. Moreover, Van Dijk composed chamber music, sometimes wrote in 'foreign' occupations, also created Organ Works and Work in the genre 31-tone music. An extensive carillon oeuvre he has to his name. Many work for amateur music practitioners he thought, playable, to the satisfaction of this group of singers and players.

Jan van Dijk twice received the Visser Neerlandia Prize, the William Piper Award, the Culture Prize of the province of North Brabant and the Hertog Jan award from the province of North Brabant. He was an honorary citizen of the towns of Gouda and Tilburg, Honorary Master of the Masonic Lodge in Gouda.

(Jan van Dijk was married, had one married son, one married grandson and one greatgranddaughter.)