General clarifications and definitions

General clarifications

This page is meant to provide you with the necessary information about the definitions and abbreviations used on the overview of music works of Jan van Dijk.

Used definitions

Opus: Number given to the composition by the author. The first music work has got number 1
and is called “Prima Volta”.

Classification: Rubrication of the music works.

Jan van Dijk has divided his works into these different segment abbreviations:

31T Music in 31 tones
D Declamatorium
Huism In-house music
Kac Choir a capella
Kdiv Choir with several accompaning instruments
KO Choir with orchestra
Km Chamber music
O Orchestral works and orchestrations
Org Organ solo
Org div Organ with several accompaning instruments (including orchestra)
PPiano solo
POPiano with orchestra
P2Q Two pianos and piano quatre mains
Sac Solo vocal a capella
SO Solo instruments - no piano - with orchestra
Th Theater (opera, ballet, TV, movie, play, etcetera)
Zdiv Vocal with several accompaning instruments
ZO Vocal with orchestra
ZP Vocal with piano

Year: The year in which the music work was composed.

Archives: The name of the institute or person who ahas to be addressed to obtain a copy of
the work mentioned.

All manuscripts are lend to the Dutch Music Institute in The Hague (The Netherlands). The intellectual
property - including author rights - will remain with the Foundation Jan van Dijk - Music Works.

Used abbrevations

AT Archives Teyler in Haarlem, The Netherlands
B Bourdon in Oosterhout, The Netherlands
B&P Broekmans en Van Poppel in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Do Donemus (MGN) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Flor.Floricor Editions Publishers in The Hague, The Netherlands
Harm Harmonia in Hilversum, The Netherlands
K De Koekkoek in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Mans.Mansarda-Sintra Publishers in Hilversum, The Netherlands
NBS Dutch Carillon School in Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Nij Nijhoff in The Hague, The Netherlands
T Trinity College of Music in London, United Kingdom
Toorts De Toorts in Haarlem, The Netherlands
VH Association for In-house music in Soest, The Netherlands
XYZ Uitgeverij XYZ, The Netherlands
ZHC Zuidnederlands Historisch Contact, The Netherlands
JvD Under direct management of the Foundation Jan van Dijk - Music Works