The Foundation

Foundation Jan van Dijk - Muziekwerken

Registration Chamber of Commerce under number 11049960.

In 2001, the foundation Jan van Dijk - Muziekwerken was established. The foundation has its seat in Zwijndrecht.
The purpose of the Foundation is to identify, catalogue, preserve and manage the compositions and writings of the Dutch composer Jan van Dijk, born 4 June 1918 in Oostzaan.
In addition, the purpose is the disclosure, multiplication and performance of these works, by means of image and sound carriers.

Until his death in 2016, Jan van Dijk himself was chairman of the Foundation.
Ijsbrand van Dijk, his son, was his successor.

Among others, the Jan van Dijk heirs are members of the board of the Foundation.

The secretariat is located in Zwijndrecht. Here you can get information and place your orders.

Secretariat of the Foundation

Foundation Jan van Dijk - Muziekwerken,
Attn. A.IJ.van Dijk,
Nieuwstraat 9,
3332 BJ Zwijndrecht,
The Netherlands

Telephone: +31 (0) 78 612 7526


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